EuroChoice Phones


I am unemployed. Can I still be considered for a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

In as much as we try to accommodate every customer that applies for a guaranteed mobile phone contract with us, our hands are tied when it comes to individuals who are unemployed. We need to be sure that you will be able to service your monthly payments without any difficulties and if you donít have a job or receive some form of income, we wonít be able to consider you for a phone contract.

Does my history of court county judgments (CCJís) affect my chances of availing a guaranteed phone contract?

You need not worry even if you have filed for bankruptcy in the past or has a history of arrears. With our guaranteed mobile phone contracts, you can be rest assured that you will avail a phone contract your history of court county judgments notwithstanding.

I badly need a guaranteed phone contract yet I am 2 weeks away from hitting the magical 18 years of age. What are my chances?

We would like to accommodate you but unfortunately, we canít because the law clearly stipulates that all contractual agreements must be between persons of 18 years and above. In fact, any contractual agreement with a minor is not only illegal but also canít be enforced in any court of law. We therefore, suggest that you wait until when you are 18 years of age before you can be considered for a guaranteed mobile phone contract.

How do I go about applying for a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

In essence, applying for a guaranteed phone contract is quite simple and easy. Based on your preference, you can choose to apply for a phone contract online from wherever you are in the UK or better still, you can personally avail yourself to our offices and one of our dedicated customer personnel will attend to you within no time.

Can I avail the latest iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 under a guaranteed phone contract?

To be honest, it would be foolhardy to lead you along and give you false hopes. To increase your chances of availing a phone contract, we advise you to go for the least expensive mobile phones. Such phones pose the least risk to us and also ensure that we continue offering you great services. However, if you must avail the latest high-end phone, we do require that you part with a substantial security payment upfront.

Is the security deposit I pay refundable?

Of course! We simply hold your security deposit in lien and you can rest assured that we will refund the same at the expiry of your contract. However, the refund is subject to your account being in good standing.

Do you have an option for an upgrade?

We encourage our customers to meet their end part of the bargain and we promise to reward them with an upgrade when their accounts come up for review. If you have been diligent in making your payments monthly, your account will come up for review every few months and you will be duly notified if you qualify for an upgrade.

I want to apply for a refurbished mobile phone. Is it possible?

Yes. In fact, when you apply for a guaranteed mobile phone contract with us, you can either go for a refurbished mobile phone or a brand new mobile phone. Actually, it all boils down to tastes and preferences as well as your budget.