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4 Most Important Things to Factor before Signing a Mobile Phone Contract

Thinking of owning the latest iPhone 7 Plus, the latest Samsung or another top phone? From browsing at supersonic speeds, taking great photos, listening to music or playing games, the latest smartphones are simply irresistible. However, they do not come cheap. For more people to enjoy these slim and attractive phones, phone companies use contracts that allow you to pay only a small amount at the end of every month for 12 to 24 months.

For people with a good credit score, phone companies have guaranteed mobile phone contracts for them. Even for those with poor credit scores, it is still possible to get a mobile contract through the following methods:

Important things to consider before signing a mobile phone contract

1 The tariff you will be operating in

Phone companies package their contracts with a focus on making the highest possible returns. For example, they will advertise that you are getting more talk time, texts, and data to demonstrate the value being delivered to you. However, do you need all of these? For example, if you rarely text from the phone but make a lot of calls, why go for a mobile contract offering a lot of texts and fewer talk minutes? Make sure to select the right tariff that will enhance personal as well as professional work.

2 The overall value for money

What is the ultimate value for money you are getting from the handset and entire contract? Well, you can only know this by comparing the price of the guaranteed mobile phone contracts to buying one cash. If you find that the contract makes you pay a lot of money, consider shortening the contract period. Instead of signing a mobile phone contract for 2 years, consider signing a shorter one of 12 months or even less.

3 The network of choice

While every mobile phone company has floated contract deals for clients to take advantage of, you must exercise caution. Think about your home, workplace, preferred destinations of choice and other areas you frequent. Then, find out whether the contract you are about to sign has a strong network serving all the places. If the company of choice does not have a good network in your home, it is not a good idea getting into a contract with it.

4 How to improve on the credit score

Even if your credit score is poor, some dealers will still have guaranteed mobile phone contracts. If you get a phone contract with bad credit, the focus should how to improve your credit score. Remember that the phone contract has only added to the debt burden and your strategy for clearing it must be apt. To clear debts, consider talking to the lenders to establish the minimum you can pay every month. Then, utilize the difference to clear the loans starting from those with minimum balances. You can also take short loans and clear them on time to earn points on your credit score.