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Some of the top smartphones like the latest iPhone 7 plus will cost you about 799 or more on the market today. While the cost is so much, the phone is worth it. From latest camera technology, large storage, slim body, and shatter free screen to dust-free systems, the phones are irresistible. After the assurance of guaranteed mobile phone contracts, many people end up making the following mistakes that can lower the ultimate value from the deals.

Failing to factor the tariff you are getting into

While the top page of the contract has large numbers indicating that you will only be paying 40/month or other small amounts, rarely do people peruse the next pages. You must understand that the phone companies are out to make a profit by giving you such great deals. Therefore, they want you to get into the most expensive tariffs because it means higher profits to them. It is because of this that some dealers will tell you that other tariffs are already exhausted to box you into a corner.

You must ask yourself how many talk minutes, data, and texts you require every month. If you use a lot of data and rarely make calls, look for the contract that gives you extra data. Some companies even allow you to negotiate different components of the deal to suit personal needs. Remember to compare various deals across different networks for assurance of greater value for money.

Picking phones that are not suitable for personal needs

When people compare phone contracts, the main focus is getting the latest phones as opposed to what is ideal for them. Often, people are moved by ads that make the most recent phones appear better than what they have. As a result, you will end up selecting the latest smartphone because it has super-fast internet speed while actually, you rarely browse.

Not factoring the network coverage of the respective phone companies

When you go through a phone contract at a dealer's store or even online, rarely are you told about the network coverage. They concentrate on showing you the positive side of the deal such as the lovely features, more talk time, extra texts, data, and even gifts. However, failing to check the network coverage of different phone companies can be a great mistake. The best phone company to get into a contract with is the one with network coverage reaching all the places you go to. For example, it should have good network coverage at your workplace, major towns, home, and holiday destinations.

Focusing on clearing the contracts and forgetting other debts

If you have bad credit and win guaranteed mobile phone contracts, the biggest mistake you can make is failing to focus on raising the credit score. Some people only concentrate on clearing the phone contract and forget other debts that pulled down their credit score in the first place. By failing to work on all debts, you will be damaging your credit score even more. This will compromise your ability to get future mobile phone contracts and other financial services such as loans.